We accept deposits via credit or debit cards as well
as personal checks. If you would like to send a
personal check for your deposit
or final balance, please mail to:

Jackie's Puppies of Indiana
3523 Greenfield Drive
New Albany, Indiana 47150

or text/call 812-670-6024 for instructions or
email: jackie@jackiespuppies.com

All of our puppies are VET CHECKED and up to date on ALL SHOTS and
We also give all of our customers a 2 YEAR HEALTH WARRANTY. We are also rated
A+ with the Better Business Bureau because we truly care about connecting great
people with great puppies.

Cockapoo Puppies: $3450 For Blacks,
Buffs, Whites, Creams, Reds, Chocolates,
Sables, Phantoms, and Rare Merles:
Teacups - $3950
This includes the Extended Training explained below:

Yorkiepoo Puppies: $3450 - any color  
Teacups - $3950
This includes the Extended Training explained below:

Maltipoo Puppies: $3450 - any color  
Teacups - $3950
This includes the Extended Training explained below:

Goldendoodle Puppies: $3450 For Blacks,
Buffs, Whites, Creams, Reds, Chocolates,
Sables, Phantoms, and Rare Merles:
This includes the Extended Training explained below:

Extended Training:  consists of crate training  your puppy to sleep through the night so
there is no crying when he/she goes home, plus getting the puppy on a routine for
bedtime, playtime, more interaction, getting puppy on it's way to housebreaking,
teaching puppy proper interaction with humans and proper house behavior. This also
includes beginning to teach your puppy the four basic obedience commands - "Come",
"Sit", "Stay" and "Quiet". We cannot promise to housebreak your puppy due to their
age, however they are well on their way when they arrive home and about 80% of the
way there. We will give you a full schedule in writing of your puppies routine so you can
continue what we have started.  Puppies must be 8 weeks old before leaving
depending on how fast they train.  Double click on the video below to see what your
puppy can do.

Extended Home Training:  We have and will always continue to give advice by email
and phone to help you through out your lifetime with your new puppy at no additional

Deposit Requirements:
We require a $200 deposit to hold your spot for any upcoming litter.   Deposits on any
puppies already born: $200.  After you have let us know that you have decided to adopt
one of our puppies and we receive your deposit, your family will have a special photo
album page on our website, updated weekly, showing pictures of your puppy growing.
Final balances are paid when your puppy is 6 weeks old. Puppies that have to be
shipped need to be at least 8 weeks old before shipping.

Kenneling/Boarding:  We offer boarding for our customers that are close enough or
want to drive to us. We charge $25 per day for overnight stays and $15.00 per day for
daycare. Your pet stays in our home with us and is part of our family while you are
gone. All boarders are played with, exercised, and worked with daily. They are fed
according to your set schedule.  Summer months are busy and these spots fill up fast,
so please contact us early to schedule your vacations.. Please call 812-670-6024 for
this service.

Shipping: $450.00 per puppy. This includes a new crate. We will also do all the
shipping arrangements. We ship in the US and Canada.  All puppies must be 8 weeks
of age before shipping. Regardless if your puppy is a trained puppy or not, all puppies
that are shipped are crate acclimated before being shipped. No exceptions. We do this
to ensure the puppy is not traumatized or frightened while flying to his/her new home.
We spend a lot of time talking with our customers and determining the right flight for
your puppy and the shortest time to get there.
***** We will meet you anytime at the airport if you decide to fly here and pick up your
puppy instead of shipping. This is never a problem and the puppy will still be crate
acclimated for it's trip home*****

Extended Services:   We do personally deliver within a 6 hr drive We will also fly to you
and deliver your puppy and meet you at the airport.  
Delivery by Car or Air:  $60  per hr. drive total. If flying to you, it's based on $60 per
hour flight time and time spent with you and the cost of the flight for me and the puppy.
This is also the cost if meeting you halfway, 1/4 of the way or any distance where I
must drive to meet you.  

Please call 812-670-6024 for more information.
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